Energy bills are rising and continue to be one of the most expensive part of any business operation. Our solutions provides automation of both local and remote locations to bring convence and savings. You can upgrade any office without undergoing any office renovation efforts. Office automates office operations and makes them energy efficient. Now Office space temperature can be maintained and ACS and lights are operational when and where they are being used. Office not only reduces the electricity bill but also optimizes appliance ussage and reduces maintenance requirements.


– Reduces energy and maintenance costs dramatically and supports green business policies.
– Improves remote sites operations by providing real-time data.
– Supports digital business strategy by providing new data insights.
– Brings transparency to facilities management and operations.
– Suitable for multi-location and unmanned environment.
– Cost is amortized from savings resulting from focused and preventive maintenance, lower power and utility consumption and better uptime of equipment.
– Auto-Scheduling based on time and temperature of the center.