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IT Tec Systems is a company that takes pride in being a customer-centric lifestyle technology companies offering a range of solutions to make your lives better, easier, and simpler. Whether you need to establish your business’s online presence or wish to monitor the premises using advance CCTV solutions or power them up using the solar, at IT Tec Systems – we offer various products and services that help our clients and customer live to the fullest.

Why did an IT company opted to go solar?

If you find yourself asking this question, you are not alone. When we first started testing this idea – almost everyone from friends to family were skeptical about it. And to be honest we were too. But after consuming a few gallons of coffee and various brainstorming session – we realized that establishing a solar division under IT Tec Systems’ umbrella is not just the right business decision but it’s the best one. A few months ago, when we decided to switch to solar, we did what most people would(not) do; Research.
And understood that there are way too many gray areas in that domain, which were endorsed by our clients and customers alike. Some had booked panels and paid in advance only to usher on a never-ending era of waiting. Others found out that they had received zero after-sales services resulting in reduced output and lifespan of the panels.
Since electricity is the fundamental to everything we do, we decided to help people leveraging our knowledge. But knowledge alone was not enough. So, we onboarded a team of experienced and likeminded professionals who are willing to disrupt the solar industry of the country.
We had embarked on a journey to offer residential, commercial, and industrial solar solutions in Pakistan to help people truly leverage the power of the sun.

What makes us different?

We understand your pain. We understand what residential, commercial, and industrial customers go through only to get rid of load-shedding and reduce their electricity bill. And we understand the nerve-wrecking process they must go through to get it done, which otherwise should have been a very simple and easy task.
While making the process simpler, we remain focused on establishing a division that’s based on honesty and trust. We offer reliable solar solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Karachi and other cities of Pakistan.

Types of Solar Solutions by IT Tec Systems

On-Grid Solar Solution

Reduce your electricity bill sharply by opting for on-grid solar solution. By installing an on-grid solar solution, you can generate certain kW of electricity depending on the capacity of the solution you have installed and can leverage your utility provider if there’s a shortfall. This way you can generate cheaper and greener electricity while bringing down your bill. This solar solution does not require any storage. You use what you produce.

Off-Grid Solar Solution

If you want to go complete off-grid and rid yourself from the troubles of utility companies, then an off-grid solar solution is right for you. You can become completely independent in producing your own electricity without having to worry about ever-increasing cost of electricity. In this solar solution, you will need very large storage units/batteries.

Hybrid Solar Solution

If you want the convenience of switching to solar when you want and use the utility provider when the power supply is at its best, then hybrid solar solution is the best option for you. This solution requires the storage solution based on the system capacity whereas you can easily sell the excessive units produce to the utility provider.